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    Are you looking to ramp up for a new project?
    Or want a team to handle the project for you?
    LeanWorks can help.

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  • Turn-key Ecommerce

    LeanWorks can get you running with an online store in no time.
    You can grow your market without spending your whole budget up front.

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  • Take Control Of Your Site

    No more IT requests for every little change.
    Your changes. Your copy. Your time.
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What We Do We deliver scalable and extensible solutions that grow with your business.

Java Consulting

Experienced and versatile consultants with a focus on cloud solutions, SaaS architecture, JBoss, and Java. We can build an app together and mentor your team to take over.

Custom Software

Product design and implementation with a focus on client needs. You'll be left with a system that can be easily extended to meet the demands of your business.

Ecommerce Solutions

Easy-to-use e-commerce platform to help you manage your online store. Scalable and built with proven technologies. Requires no coding by you.

CMS Software

Flexible content management solution that lets you concentrate on being innovative. Your creative copy should not be stuck in a pipeline.

What they've said 100% of our customers recommend us!

"Without the help of LeanWorks, we’d probably still be sitting around the drawing board! Their deep technology expertise helped us make key architecture decisions, and the mentorship they provided our internal dev team enabled us to move through a critical startup period. LeanWorks consistently exceeded expectations and most importantly, were absolutely dedicated to making our project successful."

Wes Bryan, Product Manager / AgilQuest Corporation

"These guys did an amazing job. I highly recommend them!"

Daniel McMurtrie, CEO / Best Response Strategies